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Do you know about FLIR technology and Real -Time Enforcement?


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FLIR stands for Foward Looking Infra-Red camera, this tool's technology allows enforcement officers to "see" emissions that are not visible to the human eye. Here are some facts you need to know. 

How EPA can use FLIR:

To identify fugitive equipment leaks

  • Scanning large areas quickly
  • Remote monitoring of unsafe areas
  • Monitoring of non-LDAR equipment

Observing flares and oxidizers

Observing tank levels and seal leaks

LDAR Alternative Work Practice <40 CFR 60.18(g)-(1), 62.11 (c)-(e)>

  • Still requires annual method 21
  • Some regulations may allow for optical imaging, in PA – well head inspections allowed

 FLIR obstacles:

  • Can not replace method 21
  • Observe gases in the mid-wave range (ie: SF6)
  • Quantify emissions
  • Not intrinsically safe

*Information courtesy of Rich Trzupek, Principal Consultant, Trinity Consultants, Inc and the EPA. You can find more amazing videos on Google. 

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On April 15, 2014 the EPA released five White Papers on Methane and VOC emissions, the EPA will use these White Papers with input from the public to determine how to best pursue additional reductions. Join us as Rich Trzupek leads us through understanding what these proposed changes really mean.

Barrett and Rich will help clarify requirements on the following:

  • Handling liquids on well completions
  • Requirements for storage tanks
  • Low -pressure wells
  • Leak detection at Natural Gas processing plants, and more.    

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