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CPI Link VOC Odor Control Solutions
Need help with an Oxidizer project?
CPI Catalytic Oxidizer for Bakery VOC Emissions
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The advantages of working with CPI include:

  • Assistance with BACT and MACT analysis for permitting to ensure your client receives the appropriate solution to their control problem.

  • Air Pollution Abatement systems providing product solutions for VOC, HAP, NOX, odor or other air pollution control projects.

  • Experience in a wide variety of applications and markets, CPI can provide real world experience on how to apply an oxidizer control solution.

  • A professional engineering team offering expert design capabilities in all aspects of fume incineration and oxidation, energy conservation, process integration and installation packages.

  • Turn-key projects: CPI can provide a full turn-key proposal for an oxidizer, including estimates for installation of ductwork, as well as mechanical and electrical installation.

  • A Technical Service Group staffed to handle 24-hour immediate response service, planned maintenance services and spare parts sales for existing systems, retrofit applications, aftermarket services, and catalyst sample testing to ensure maximum uptime for your client.


A Trusted Partner

I recommend CPI exclusively...If someone does a really good job, and if our clients have great things to say, that’s who I recommend.

– Senior Consultant

CPI was very involved….helped quite a bit in doing calculations to look at operation cost...was a partner early on, unlike some of the other vendors.

– Senior Consultant

If you buy it (from CPI), turn it on, and it works...has been my experience.

– Project Engineer

CPI is one of the vendors that I would trust to take care of the customer.

– Director, Air Emissions Testing Co.

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Need help with an Oxidizer project?
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